Water & Light, Part I, The Thunderstorm

Rain storm on Perry & 4th

Light and water. They were beautifully organized in the James Turrell and Rain Room shows last summer. Then during the winter we had the Doug Wheeler show at Zwirner gallery. Last week there were even better water and light shows. We had 2 nights of extraordinary thunderstorms, the disorganized forces of which were more gorgeous and alive than anything possible in a gallery or museum.  My friends, Paul and Russ, and I sat under an awning with some grappa and the willingness to get a little wet. The weather provided a great show.

Perry and 4th


About Carol Dragon

Carol Dragon is a New York City photographer who focuses on portraiture. Her dramatic approach to capturing the essence of her subjects is done in a style reminiscent of master painters and yet is very much her own. Carol is one of the featured photographers in the recently released 100 New York Photographers by Cynthia Dantzig. She has a BFA and a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Her client list includes CBS, Scholastic Publishing, AOL Time Warner and Anson Mills. She is available for commissioned work worldwide.
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