News to me!

I had no idea that sugar syrup boiled to exactly the right temperature for an Italian meringue could be tested by dipping the end of a slotted measuring spoon into the boiling liquid, then blowing a bubble. Last week I worked with Kay Rentschler, the creative director, writer and recipe developer for Anson Mills. She made extraordinary cream puffs, and I shot the process with a single flash diffused with a Fong.

Sugar syrup at its perfect meringue moment:

Sugar Bubble

About Carol Dragon

Carol Dragon is a New York City photographer who focuses on portraiture. Her dramatic approach to capturing the essence of her subjects is done in a style reminiscent of master painters and yet is very much her own. Carol is one of the featured photographers in the recently released 100 New York Photographers by Cynthia Dantzig. She has a BFA and a MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Her client list includes CBS, Scholastic Publishing, AOL Time Warner and Anson Mills. She is available for commissioned work worldwide.
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