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The Will to Disturb, part II

So what is the “will to disturb”? Is it making pictures that disturb? Well, we all know that works. Bare boobs and ass, provocative this and that. Easily manufactured and just as easily forgotten. The real will to disturb is … Continue reading

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The Will to Disturb

“To be a femme fatale, you don’t have to be slinky and sensuous and disastrously beautiful, you have to have the will to disturb.” – Alice Munro, Hard Luck Stories And isn’t the same true for art?

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Fishing for creativity

On a good day creativity feels like a trampoline, and on a bad day it feels like a fishnet that’s woven too loosely to catch any fish. Standing on the cusp of a new idea or direction, I can easily … Continue reading

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Dinner with Gerhard Richter

Tonight I had dinner with Gerhard Richter. On days when I struggle hardest to clarify some sort of reasonable personal vision, I frequently search out a documentary about an artist that evening. Painters, sculptors, photographers. It makes no difference. I love … Continue reading

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