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Sketching with Instagram

No matter how long a person has been taking pictures, there’s always an element of unconscious pressure to make “good”photos. That constraint, no matter how slight, affects one’s ability to see with fresh eyes.

That’s where social media comes in handy. It’s the casual sharing of images, and that, I have discovered, can be a wonderful thing. I was always resistant to getting involved in social media, because, honestly, how many pictures of someone else’s dinner or vacation or night out do I want to see? But one day I saw a friend’s Instagram images, and I was really impressed. They were interesting shots; they were sketches. That’s when I signed up. Since then I’ve let my iPhone sketch. At other times I post a work in progress. Or I notice an outtake from a shoot, an image I overlooked before, and after I post it I end up using it as the basis for a new shoot.

Another example is this painting at MOMA that caught my eye. I shot it with my iPhone and posted it on Instagram.


Several weeks later, I was looking at some landscapes I had shot in Belgium and that I wanted to use for palladium printing. I came upon a picture I didn’t even remember taking, and it was perfect for what I wanted to do. I don’t know if I would have noticed it if I hadn’t “sketched” that painting at MOMA. The few minutes it took to post that picture stamped an idea into my brain. It took me in a new direction.

Belgium_A_4676 8x10 V1

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ACLU Product Shoot

In early March, the ACLU will be launching an online store of tee-shirts, bags, hats, mugs and other accessories. I was hired to do the shoot. It’s a fantastic challenge to work on a project that’s being conceptualized and designed for the first time. It’s especially exciting when you’re working for an amazing non-profit like the ACLU.

Last week we spent 2 days shooting at my Chelsea studio. All of our models were ACLU employees or members of their families, so we were shooting “real people”. We shot them singly and in combinations and at the end of the 2 days we had 1400 terrific images, one broken lens and a lot of left over bagels.

Stay tuned for many more images and the launch of the store.


Isaac in a onesie


Pinky with tote bag

Behind the scenes:

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset



On 26th Street after the mini-blizzard:



The End.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset


Photo Assistants: Oscar Reyes, John May, Natalia Vergara and Rosalie Rowey.

My thanks to the ACLU, Lorraine Kenny and Molly Kaplan.

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Life . . . Still

Life . . . Still was exhibited at my Chelsea studio November 20, 2014. The images will soon be a portfolio on my main webs tie. In the meantime you can see the project at:

A few scenes from the opening exhibition, courtesy Paul Kessel:

20141120_DSC0041 20141120_DSC0067 copy 20141120_DSC0069 20141120_DSC0070 20141120_DSC0105 20141120_DSC0150

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Gotta’ get your angle

Hip hop thumping in the darkness,
death defying, no net, leaps.
Couples on a first date
or rekindling love.
All of it plays around you in Central Park on a summer night,
but you only see that tiny bit through your lens.
Gotta’ get your angle……


_DSC8349-EditThank you, Peter Krask, for seeing me see.

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Water & Light, Part II – The Car Wash

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Water & Light, Part I, The Thunderstorm

Rain storm on Perry & 4th

Light and water. They were beautifully organized in the James Turrell and Rain Room shows last summer. Then during the winter we had the Doug Wheeler show at Zwirner gallery. Last week there were even better water and light shows. We had 2 nights of extraordinary thunderstorms, the disorganized forces of which were more gorgeous and alive than anything possible in a gallery or museum.  My friends, Paul and Russ, and I sat under an awning with some grappa and the willingness to get a little wet. The weather provided a great show.

Perry and 4th


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